About Made by Sachi

Hi, I'm Sachi D, and welcome to my site! 

I hope to share my love for sewing, knitting, and anything DIY, with like-minded fellow DIY-ers and anyone who is interested!  

About Sachi...

I am from Kanto-area of Japan.  Since my senior year in high school, I've lived and studied in Maryland, Oklahoma, and Connecticut.  I studied Theatre costume design in grad school, where I met my husband who is a linguist.  Now we live in a small college town in Upstate New York with our baby daughter. 


To be honest, I miss my crazy, busy, frantic Theatre days, but I'm slowly taking to our very relaxing small town living.  (Actually, I've never lived in a big city... I guess it's more about my lifestyle choice than where I live.) 

About Being a Mother...

I had NO IDEA that being a mother requires so much energy and skills!  At the same time, it is such joy.  

I might elaborate on this topic later, but right now I'm just trying to keep up with our daughter's lightning-fast development, without knowing what's right/wrong, good/bad, appropriate/inappropriate, etc.... so many decisions and they could influence her for THE REST OF HER LIFE.  Yeah, no pressure....

About Costume Design...

I'm still taking costume designer/technician jobs here and there.  If you need a designer, cutter/draper (pattern maker), milliner, knitter/crocheter, and wig ventilation, please feel free to email me!

You can view my portfolio here.

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About Made by Sachi