About Made by Sachi

Hi, I'm Sachi D, and welcome to my site! 

I hope to share my love for sewing, knitting, and anything DIY, with like-minded fellow DIY-ers and anyone who is interested!  

About Sachi...

I was born and raised in Kanto area of Japan.  In my senior year in high school, I decided to spend a year in the United States as an exchange student.  Since then, I've lived and studied in Maryland, Oklahoma, Connecticut, and New York.  I studied Theatre costume design in grad school, where I met my husband who is a linguist.  Now we live in a small town in Upstate New York with our two small children. 


Sometimes I miss my crazy, busy, frantic Theatre days, but most days I'm enjoying our very relaxing small town living.  


I developed my love for country music during my days in Oklahoma, so you're most likely to find me cutting fabric listening to Brad Paisley and Rascal Flatts. 

About Being a Mother...

I had NO IDEA that being a mother required so much energy, patience and constant learning!  So far for me, it's a big, messy jumble of kids crying, doing never-ending dirty laundry/dishes, stepping on lego pieces, regretting, loving and feeling so much joy.


I am also very very thankful for today's technology like laundry machines, dishwashers and DVD players that let me wiggle in some crafting time into my daily life.  And speaking of wiggling... Special thanks to "the Wiggles", which is my son's favorite show, aka the only reason I have 15 minutes to prepare lunch without worrying that I might drop a cooking knife on him because he was tagging on my legs while I was cutting food... 

About Costume Design...

I'm still taking costume designer/technician jobs here and there.  If you need a designer, cutter/draper (pattern maker), milliner, knitter/crocheter, and wig ventilation, please feel free to email me!

You can view my portfolio here.

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About Made by Sachi