Sewing · October 13, 2021
This is a slightly modified version of my tulip hat pattern. For summer, I didn’t want to flatten my hair so I made the previous version a little loose on my head. Also, I was trying to mimic the silhouette of poplar bucket hats. On this second version, I made the head circumference slightly smaller, and the crown slightly rounder.

Sewing · September 27, 2021
I designed a simple top with no opening, no collar, no facing, etc… Just a basic t-shape top. I hope this easy project could invite people to try their hands on sewing their own clothes.

Sewing · July 18, 2021
I sewed a couple of pairs of socks for my 6-year-old daughter, whose socks are always getting holes in the same place after several wears. I thought well-fitting socks might have better chance of survival...

Tulip Hat DIY [Free Pattern Download]
Sewing · March 20, 2021
A new video on how I drafted and sewed a tulip hat. Bonus free pattern download.

Free Beret Pattern for Kids: Kids’ Sewing/Felting Machine Project:
Sewing · January 06, 2021
A video on how my daughter and I made a beret hat together using Sew Cool machine. Downloadable kids' beret hat pattern.

Free Pattern: Contour Mask with Side Darts
Sewing · December 21, 2020
I know there are a lot of mask patterns out there--- and i tried many of them. However, I couldn't find the exact shape I liked. After fiddling around with paper towel mock-ups and several wearable muslins later, I think I finally have the shape that flatters my face.

Sewing · February 13, 2020
How I adjusted the waist size on my daughter's jumper skirt without taking out any seams.

Sewing · February 12, 2020
2 quick ways to adjust waist bands of kids' clothes without undoing any seams.

Sewing · February 05, 2018
As a part of Burda Teaching Certification course assignments, I made a pair of shorts. The fabric is stretch twill from Joann. I bought this fabric a few years ago with the intension of making a pair of shorts and never got around to it (as with all my stash fabric..)

Sewing · February 04, 2018
This is my January post for Burda Challenge 2018. I am aware that it is already February, but I swear I made this jacket in January! just didn't get around to writing about it...

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