New Pages: Japanese Sewing Books Guide

I wrote a quick guide to start sewing from Japanese sewing books, and a list of Japanese sewing vocabularies ("vocabulary" is such a hard word to pronounce for a Japanese!).  I am hoping that these might help people who are intimidated by books full of foreign language, or when diagrams alone are not clear enough to explain sewing processes.  



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McCall's7288 Pink Wool-blend Jacket

I finally finished this pink wool-blend jacket which I started last year for my mother.



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Simplicity1564 Baby's Footed Pants

I've made several baby's footed pants so far.  They are great to layer over bodysuits.  I tried 4 different patterns for footed baby pants, and my favorite is this one.  


アメリカの型紙(Simplicity1564) を使って赤ちゃん用の足までカバーするタイプのズボンを作りました。このタイプのズボンはいくつか作ったのですが、この型紙が一番良かったです。

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