Cut & Sewn Kids’ Socks DIY [Free Pattern Download]

I sewed a couple of pairs of socks for my 6-year-old daughter, whose socks are always getting holes in the same place after several wears.  I thought well-fitting socks might have better chance of survival... 

The pattern is only in my daughter's size, which is US Kids' size 2.  A finished sock measures 8 1/4" (20cm) from the tip of the big toe to the heel.


I think you can adjust the sizes a little by shrinking & enlarging in printing. 

Please remember that every knit fabric is different and the fit will greatly depend on that, too.


However, the pattern only works with stretch fabric with more than 30 % stretch.

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Tulip Hat DIY [Free Pattern Download]

You can watch the video to find out how to draft your own pattern from your measurements, but if you particularly like my version of hat, you can download my digitized pattern.  It’s a freepattern, and only comes in my size (22 1/2” or 57cm head circumference with some ease).  To change the size,  you can grade the pattern, or shrink/enlarge when printing out.  If you change the pattern size in printing, remember to adjust the seam allowance width before cutting out fabric.

I hope you enjoy! 

Tulip Hat Pattern.pdf
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About Made by Sachi


About Made by Sachi