Cold Weather Tulip Hat

This is a slightly modified version of my tulip hat pattern.  For summer, I didn’t want to flatten my hair so I made the previous version a little loose on my head. Also, I was trying to mimic the silhouette of poplar bucket hats.  On this second version, I made the head circumference slightly smaller, and the crown slightly rounder.
The pattern includes 1/4” seam allowance (shaded area). If you print it on 100% scale, the complete hat should snugly fit 22 1/2” (57cm) head. When printing, scale up or down to fit your head :)
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Super Simple Top

I designed a simple top with no opening, no collar, no facing, etc…
Just a basic t-shape top.

I hope this easy project could invite people to try their hands on sewing their own clothes.
Super Simple Top.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 75.4 KB
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Pattern Review

About Made by Sachi


About Made by Sachi