Free Beret Pattern for Kids: Kids’ Sewing/Felting Machine Project:

Beret with no band
Use this pattern to make beret without band. Pictured above.
size: 22"
Beret no band.pdf
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Free Pattern: Contour Mask with Side Darts

I know there are a lot of mask patterns out there--- and i tried many of them.  However, I couldn't find the exact shape I liked.  I wanted a contour style, because pleated masks take longer to dry when washed, but I didn't like how some of the contour masks looked like duckbills on my face. (As I was writing this, I found out that there is a type of masks that's actually called a "duckbill mask", which are supposedly easier to breathe in.)

The contour shape of masks needed to be a bit different for my rather flat asian face from that of masks meant to fit other types of faces.  So, after fiddling around with paper towel mock-ups and several wearable muslins later, I think I finally have the shape that flatters my face.  

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About Made by Sachi


About Made by Sachi