Sewing · February 13, 2020
How I adjusted the waist size on my daughter's jumper skirt without taking out any seams.

Sewing · February 12, 2020
2 quick ways to adjust waist bands of kids' clothes without undoing any seams.

Sewing · February 05, 2018
As a part of Burda Teaching Certification course assignments, I made a pair of shorts. The fabric is stretch twill from Joann. I bought this fabric a few years ago with the intension of making a pair of shorts and never got around to it (as with all my stash fabric..)

Sewing · February 04, 2018
This is my January post for Burda Challenge 2018. I am aware that it is already February, but I swear I made this jacket in January! just didn't get around to writing about it...

Sewing · January 14, 2017
I wrote a quick guide to start sewing from Japanese sewing books, and a list of Japanese sewing vocabularies ("vocabulary" is such a hard word to pronounce for a Japanese!). I am hoping that these might help people who are intimidated by books full of foreign language, or when diagrams alone are not clear enough to explain sewing processes....

Sewing · January 10, 2017
I made a pair of leggings for my daughter using a pair I bought for myself. The original pair had some problem I could not live with, but I loved its fabric so much that I decided to keep them to use as material for another pair for my daughter....

Sewing · January 09, 2017
Last year was a slow year for my sewing and creativity. Partially (ok, maybe a big part), it was because I was taking care of a one year old baby for the first time. However, the biggest reason is that I felt guilty about creating more "things" when I already had so many....

Sewing · January 08, 2017
I have twin baby nephews who are 2 months younger than my daughter. I needed gifts which I can send to Japan via airmail without going bankrupt. After thinking about it for a while, I ended up making something my daughter wears daily and I consider to be some of the most useful pieces of clothing I made for her: turtleneck shirts. 日本に住む双子の甥っ子たちに、クリスマスプレゼントとしてタートルネックシャツを作りました。

April 30, 2016
Lately, I'm all about efficiency and short-cuts when it comes to cooking. Ever since giving birth to my daughter, we just don't have the kind of time we used to have (those friends who'd told us that kids would change EVERYTHING were right all along). 「子供ができたら生活の全てが変わるよ!」という先輩方の言葉通り、1日があっという間に過ぎて、時間のマネジメントがうまくいかない日々です・・・。

Sewing · April 30, 2016
This is the exciting time for sewists around the world! Zoe of "So Zo... What do you know?" blog is hosting another Me-Made May event. 今年もこの季節がやってきました!世界中の手作り&洋裁好き仲間と交流できるMe-Made-Mayイベントが、今年も開催されるようです。

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