How to Adjust Waistbands on Kid's Clothes Quickly Part1

These are quick and dirty ways of fixing the waist band, and they're very basic.  If you already sew at all, you probably already know them.  So, you can skip to the part 2 of this series, which might still interest you since I thought I was pretty smart when I came up with the idea. (You still might already know it, and in that case, I was the last one to know the method already existed.) 

Pictured below is the start of my daughter's fall 2019 wardrobe.  Maybe her (and my) obsession with Hello Kitty is obvious.

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Floral Print Shorts

As a part of Burda Teaching Certification Course assignments, I made a pair of shorts.  The fabric is stretch twill from Joann. I bought this fabric a few years ago with the intension of making a pair of shorts and never got around to it (as with all my stash fabric..).

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Simple Jacket <Burda Challenge 2018 : January>

This is my January post for Burda Challenge 2018 (read about the challenge here).  I am aware that it is already February, but I swear I made this jacket in January!  Just didn't get around to writing about it...

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New Pages: Japanese Sewing Books Guide

I wrote a quick guide to start sewing from Japanese sewing books, and a list of Japanese sewing vocabularies ("vocabulary" is such a hard word to pronounce for a Japanese!).  I am hoping that these might help people who are intimidated by books full of foreign language, or when diagrams alone are not clear enough to explain sewing processes.  



Although nowadays, I mostly sew from new and vintage printed tissue patterns, my Japanese sewing books and I go way back.  Ever since I started sewing my own clothes in 5th grade, I've been collecting (or buying and not being able to throw away) sewing books, and part of my beloved sewing library moved with me when I came to America.  

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Toddler's Winter Leggings

I made a pair of leggings for my daughter using a pair I bought for myself.  

The original pair had some problem I could not live with, but I loved its fabric so much that I decided to keep them to use as material for another pair for my daughter.  



I bought the pair of leggings from a nearby drugstore.  They were folded and wrapped in a cardboard band, so I could not see the whole deal before I bought them.  The second I opened the package at home, the problem was obvious--- terrible pattern matching!! The big borders did not match at all---or rather, it was as if the person was trying to connect a snowflake border to a dot border on purpose.  

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