Freshly-baked Homemade Bread Everyday

Lately, I'm all about efficiency and short-cuts when it comes to cooking.  Ever since giving birth to my daughter, we just don't have the kind of time we used to have (those friends who'd told us that kids would change EVERYTHING were right all along).   

Before I actually became a mother, I had this perfect (and unrealistic) image in which I would make everything from scratch with the best of ingredients for my family everyday...  
And then, I had a baby.
Trying to figure out how to keep this little creature alive, the house reasonable organized, and everyone fed and clothed is quite challenging for a new-bee mother like me.  
If you are also like me...or just love freshly-baked bread, I think you'll love "Artisan Bread in Minutes" by Zoe Francois from! (I'm not getting paid for writing this article nor did anyone ask me to write this...I'm just a fan.)
I think Zoe Francois's bread-making method is innovative.  You mix simple ingredients in a large container, let it rest in room temperature for some time, and then in a fridge for up to 2 weeks. (no neading required!) You can use a little bit of this doe at a time and keep the rest in the fridge for the next time.   
I'm quite novice on baking.  In fact, my only experience before this class was helping my mother nead bread doe when I was little.  So I think I can safely say that a beginner of beginners can bake decent bread with her method.  watching her technique in the video was also very helpful.  


そんな時見つけたオンラインクラス"Artisan Bread in Minutes" by Zoe Francois from。材料を大きな容器に入れて混ぜ、2時間発酵させてあとは冷蔵庫で保存!あとは焼きたい時に焼きたい分だけ取り出して焼く・・・というもの。



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