Floral Print Shorts

As a part of Burda Teaching Certification Course assignments, I made a pair of shorts.  The fabric is stretch twill from Joann. I bought this fabric a few years ago with the intension of making a pair of shorts and never got around to it (as with all my stash fabric..).

I usually like slant pockets on shorts but the assignment required to have in-seam pockets.  After trying the shorts on, I do like the way these pockets look.  I think they look more clean-lined.

I like putting cuffs on shorts.  For one thing, I think they make my thighs look (slightly) skinner... (could be my imagination.)  The other reason is that It's much faster than hemming by hand.  I could just fold the hem up, stitch it down with the machine, fold the cuff up, and then machine-tuck it down in a couple of places.  

This time I also caught the bottom of the pockets in the hem so that they wouldn't flop around while wearing the shorts.

Fly-front zip insertion was a part of the grade, too...

"Burda way" of inserting the Fly-front was slightly different from what I was used to, but pretty easy and effective.

I do like the end product!  Even though it is a pretty busy print, I think these shorts will go with tops in many different summer-y colors.  I also love that the fabric has stretch.  The stretch makes a world of difference in the comfort level!




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