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DIY Crafting · November 13, 2015
A couple years ago, I saw plastic canvases that were pre-shaped to make a small purse in a craft store, thought they were kind of interesting and decided to give it a try. I never used plastic canvases before, so I just winged it......

Knitting · October 18, 2015
I finished knitting a cardigan for my daughter. Was it worth it?? We'll see.... but it sure is cute! Maybe it was worth it becuase just looking at it makes me smile... 9ヶ月の娘にカーデガンを編みました。どんどん成長しているのでどれくらい着られるかわかりませんが(涙)、小さくて可愛いので、見てるだけでニヤニヤしてしまいます・・

Knitting · October 11, 2015
Maybe it's not practical to spend so much time knitting for babies, since they grow out of their clothes in lightning speed... but designs from "Vintage Knits for Babies" by Rita Taylor are just too cute to resist. 赤ちゃんのための編み物は、可愛いけれど時間がかかる割に着られる時期が短くて、ちょっと悲しいかも・・・とは思いながらも、最近見つけた"Vintage Knits for Babies" by Rita Taylor...


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