Plastic Canvas Purse

A couple years ago, I saw plastic canvases that were pre-shaped to make a small purse in a craft store, thought they were kind of interesting and decided to give it a try.  I never used plastic canvases before, so I just winged it...



This is actually my second try.  I didn't think about a closure when I started on the first one, and ended up using a toggle.  While the toggle looked pretty cute, opening and closing was a pain.  So, I planned ahead for the second one so that I could use a turn-lock.  

I lined the entire purse with a piece of fleece that I had on hand... just glued it to the wrong side of plastic canvas after stitching the design on.  

Back of the purse...

Also, I stitched on D-rings on the sides to attach the strap (from another purse).

Here are some in-process photos..



(このバッグ型については、数年前に日本で調べた時は、”ハマナカ副資材・プラスチックキャンバス” で検索したら、通販しているお店を見つけました。)

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