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Sewing · April 25, 2016
I finally finished this pink wool-blend jacket which I started last year for my mother. 母のリクエストで昨年暮れに取り掛かったウール混紡のジャケットが、やっと完成しました。

Sewing · March 22, 2016
I've made several baby's footed pants so far. They are great to layer over bodysuits. I tried 4 different patterns for footed baby pants, and my favorite is this one. *This post contains affiliate links. I may make small commissions on qualifying purchases made through these links アメリカの型紙(Simplicity1564)...

Knitting · October 18, 2015
I finished knitting a cardigan for my daughter. Was it worth it?? We'll see.... but it sure is cute! Maybe it was worth it becuase just looking at it makes me smile... 9ヶ月の娘にカーデガンを編みました。どんどん成長しているのでどれくらい着られるかわかりませんが(涙)、小さくて可愛いので、見てるだけでニヤニヤしてしまいます・・


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