Plastic Canvas Purse

A couple years ago, I saw plastic canvases that were pre-shaped to make a small purse in a craft store, thought they were kind of interesting and decided to give it a try.  I never used plastic canvases before, so I just winged it...



This is actually my second try.  I didn't think about a closure when I started on the first one, and ended up using a toggle.  While the toggle looked pretty cute, opening and closing was a pain.  So, I planned ahead for the second one so that I could use a turn-lock.  

I lined the entire purse with a piece of fleece that I had on hand... just glued it to the wrong side of plastic canvas after stitching the design on.  

Back of the purse...

Also, I stitched on D-rings on the sides to attach the strap (from another purse).

Here are some in-process photos..



(このバッグ型については、数年前に日本で調べた時は、”ハマナカ副資材・プラスチックキャンバス” で検索したら、通販しているお店を見つけました。)

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Baby's Vintage Style Cardigan and Crocheted Button Backs

I finished knitting a cardigan for my daughter.  Was it worth it?? We'll see.... but it sure is cute!  Maybe it was worth it becuase just looking at it makes me smile...


The pattern is 'Comfrey' Pram Suit from Vintage Knits for Babies by Rita Taylor, and the yarn is 100% cotton and my husband's souvenir from his home country.  I believe I specifically asked for "neutral color" yarns, and he said he understood what that meant...  Nevertheless, I'm glad he chose this color, because it really suits our daughter.

This Cardigan is getting a lot more wear than I expected.  Since the yarn is 100% cotton, our daughter loves wearing it.   I initially thought the collar would bother her, but it is on the contrary.  the collar looks really cute and doubles as a protector from tags on outer layers, seat belts, or any kind of shoulder straps babies are to wear anywhere they go.

When attaching the buttons, I experimented with some technique I saw on Pinterest (where else?).  I couldn't find any tutorials, but it looked quite self-explanatory, so I winged it. How I did it;  

  1. Start with single-crocheting 6 stitches into a circle.
  2. Double the number to 12 stitches in the next raw.
  3. Shape the crochet circle by pulling the both ends.
  4. Bring the yarn to the center using a yarn needle.
  5. Using the 2 ends now coming out from the center, attach a button on the right side of the garment.  The crocheted circle acts as "stopper" on the wrong side.

I consider myself an intermediate knitter, having completed several "big projects" like men and women's sweaters (but not complicated designs), and I think this baby cardigan was a pretty easy project. The texture is lovely, but is a surprisingly easy pattern of knit & purl repeats.  

The only thing I would change about this cardigan is the actual buttons.  The color matched perfectly and that's why I bought these , but they were tad too small and thin.  Now that the button holes are stretched out as almost always happens to knitted button holes, I'm constantly re-buttoning the front of her cardigan.  I'm now contemplating if it's worth going to a store, looking for new buttons, and actually changing them, as our daughter rapidly grows out of it...

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Knitting for Babies

Maybe it's not practical to spend so much time knitting for babies, since they grow out of their clothes in lightning speed... but designs from "Vintage Knits for Babies" by Rita Taylor are just too cute to resist.    


赤ちゃんのための編み物は、可愛いけれど時間がかかる割に着られる時期が短くて、ちょっと悲しいかも・・・とは思いながらも、最近見つけた"Vintage Knits for Babies" by Rita Taylor という本のデザインが可愛すぎて、始めてしまいました・・・


I know my daughter will wear it for a couple of times, and then she'll be too big for it... 

but still... knits are strechable, right !? (trying to come up with reasons why it's worth working on this cardigan during her naps, instead of having a quiet tea time or catching up with my sleep..)



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